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Hey everyone, here’s the video of the story that I have just shared…

“The tale of two seas.”

The nature teaches us to give, love and live!



The tale of two seas

Look around, Nature teaches us life lessons. Have you heard about the two seas in Israel and Jordan. Take a peek at the map here.

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Sea of Galilee, Dead Sea and River Jordan.

You’ll see the Sea of Galillee and the Dead Sea. You might heard about them.

But you might not know this.

The Sea of Galilee is beautiful. It has blue water and is full of fauna and flora. Life exists. Trees line its banks where children splash and play. The Jordan River makes this sea, flowing from the sunny hills. And life is happy and vibrant around this sea.

Through the Sea of Galilee, the Jordan River continues to flow south. Into another sea the cool rolling waters flow. Into the Dead Sea. Here there are no fish swimming, no birds flying above, no families sunning near the shoreline. No man or animal will drink the water here. Life does not exist and no one wants to be here.

One might ask: What makes this enormous difference between these neighboring seas? Could it be the Jordan River? No. The same flowing waters empty into both bodies. It is also not the soil, not the people, not the geography.

The dead Sea and The Sea of Galilee.

So what is the difference?

The Sea of Galilee receives, but does not keep the Jordan. For every drop that flows into, another drop flows out. The Sea of Galilee gives equally as it receives. But the Dead Sea keeps the Jordan. It has no outlet. Every drop it gets, it keeps. It is not tempted to share and stockpiles its incoming waters aggressively.

There are two seas in Palestine. The Sea of Galilee gives, lives and flourishes. And the Dead Sea keeps everything, shares nothing and is dead.


As I read about this I was so astonished. It was that “WOW” moment for me. I shared this story with my husband first, he too was taken aback. We had a short discussion on that and no wonder its so true. As the Bible verse goes,give

” Behold, it is more blessed to give than to receive.” Acts 20:35 bible verse

So, nothing much to discuss on that, just a few question for you to muse for a minute.

Which sea best represents you and your life? Which sea do you wish to be like?giveand recieve

The power of Persistence and Patience!

Awesome! Be Persistent, Patient and Believe!

” Persistence guarantees that results are inevitable.”  – Paramahansa Yogananda

Salute and Gratitude, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, a scientist, a poet, a speaker, famously known as “The Missile Man of India”, affectionately called as “ People’s President” and above all a humble man with a vision for India. Most of the Indians are deeply mourned by the sad demise of Our Great Former President.

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