Long ago, when Alexander the great came to India, he found the people fearless and friendly. He befriended many of them. When he prepared to leave to his homeland he wanted to take a sage from India along with him.


He went in quest of a sage into the forest. He found one sitting under a tree deep in meditation. Alexander greeted the sage warmly and kindly requested him to accompany him to Greece. He promised the sage great riches and comfort. The sage calmly replied that he has no desire to go with the king and that he has no use for riches and is very comfortable here.

Alexander flew in to a rage he burst out in anger, “do you know who I am? I am the great king Alexander, no one lives after disobeying me” .So saying he unsheathed his sword. The sage was not perturbed he replied, “You say you are a king, but you are just a slave to my slave.”

monk-sitting-and-readingAlexander was much surprised by this reply, he could not comprehend its meaning, “why did you call me the slave of your slave? I am nobody’s slave”, he called back. The sage answered in a sweet calm voice,” Great king, I have mastered my anger. Anger is my slave, I don’t lose my temper as you do, and you are still a slave to your anger. Anger is my slave, so, you are a slave to my slave”.


I don’t know if this story is true but I love the message that it conveys. This is one of the most essential thing that we need to do in our lives, control anger before it controls us. My husband was a short tempered man, though he was angry for a genuine reason, he couldn’t handle it. Over the time of three years, with repetitive affirmations and a positive attitude he has overcome it. Now he is calm and never lets any situation or person influence him to be angry. Well, you can make two firm affirmations and read them every day, I am calm. I am empathetic. The whole universe will send these vibrations and energies to you. Remember, one important fact, you won’t achieve it in one go, it is to undo something you have been doing for years. So believe me it takes time, give yourself time, and try in every situation that you come across. If you succeed, reward yourself thereby you are encouraged to try even harder.


“Calmness is the cradle of Power” – Josiah Gilbert Holland.

Stay Blessed! Have a calm mind! 🙂